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Ballet Pour Ma Fille

25 to 35 minutes.

Modeling: DONE
Texturing: DONE
Rigging: DONE
Record Dialogue: DONE
Animation: 62%
Mix Sound Track: 17%

Final Rendering: 2%
Editing: 6%

Winter 2008. 

Fictional tale of Maurice Ravel's life in WWI, and the aftermath on his sense of the meaning of his art and his life.


Below is an OLD animation I did using some very primitive software (by today's standards), a LOT of math, and my own program ('tweener) to do all the pose to pose stuff.  It was difficult, FUN, but I'll never go back to doing things that way!

It won! :o)

Fireflies won 1st prize in the Internet Raytracing Competition's Animation field for Oct2000-Jan2001.  For me this was a fine honor.  Here are some details about Fireflies .

"Ballet pour ma fille" will be a much more professional looking film, with no expense of my time and effort spared, so no excuses should it look bad.  There, that ought to raise the bar far above my ability. :o)

I hold the copyright to all the material you see at my website and that includes the animations, so please respect that.  What I mean is don't distribute them beyond your initial download, include any of these images to any degree within derivative works, upload them anywhere, sell, change, anything you download from this page.  You can GIVE it away for FREE though... but you cain't make no money from it; I didn't!

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